Monday, August 27, 2012

Stained glass pullover again

Yes, again.
Or how my knitting brain finally got a break and came up with something to journal here again.

So, my iPhone died.  Which is whatever I guess (I do need to get a cheap replacement for a little while so my child can call me when he gets home from school), but it meant that I had no music to run to tonight.
Now, a year ago, this would have s*cked, big time.  But I'm now enough in the groove of running 3 miles that I no longer NEED music to get my pace set and jolly me through it.  So I was running and looking at the clouds, which were all pink and red and purple, and thinking about knitting (duh) and thought how pretty they looked.  How nice it would be in a fair isle, except Alice Starmore already did that one and it's honestly not really my palette anyway.  Hmmm, palette - knitpicks, mmmmm, that idea I had for using an Islamic mosaic tile pattern for color inspiration last winter - I really like the idea of the blues and yellow golds with little shots of turquoise and lavender.  But coming up with a whole fair isle design and placing all that?  Oof, exhausting.  But wait - that could be PERFECT for another stained glass pullover - work it at the original gauge with 2 sets of palette stranded together, background would be blues and the panes would be golds.

In other news, I finished Vitamin D and LOVE IT, but I need to wash it again because my handdyed wants to bleed on me.  Yuck.  I also am making some dull mittens to take a brain rest and use up some yarn and have a comfy fingering swatch in the dryer right now so I can see about making a lightweight cotton cardigan, like the Featherweight by Hannah Fetig.

No pics, well, no phone.  Yes, we have a camera, but I don't know where it is.

Friday, August 10, 2012


In our back yard - she had twins but you can only see one very well here.
Spent the day taking the little one to meet the teacher day at middle school (he's starting 6th grade!) and then to Walmart. Walmart sucks. But we're ready. Or we have supplies - I guess that doesn't really equate, does it?
I'm almost done with Vitamin D which I love - the hand dyed is awesome and it's forced me to learn to felt graft as I go because you really have to alternate balls as you go with hand dyed, even from the same pot. But it is a boatload of straight stitch. And I hope to get a snap of Tumbleweed this week at knitting. I could use to go to our knitting group.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Note the theme animal print candles. The clerk at Publix thought I was a sad, crazy cat lady buying my cat a cake. He seemed relieved when I explained that I was just lame.