Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blame it on the out of date app

Yes, I'm not dead.  I kept trying to blog but the blogger app kept crapping out and taking my posts with it.  So, like a 3 year old I took my dollies and went home.
It's been almost a year since I moved up to Boston ahead of my family.  Wow. I can't believe it.  I miss my knitting people and great work friends in Atlanta but I have admit I love it here.  It's stressful, just insanely so, to uproot the whole family, dump your financial security, risk having your teen hate you forever.   But it's starting to come together.
Let me catch you up with some knitting.
First, I got a gift certificate to Quince and co for my coworker who was nice enough to take the Kaffe Fassett sweater I made, so once we got settled I went ahead and bought some Owl in togian and Nora Gaughan's Cable Sourcebook and designed this - please excuse the middle aged yoga pant thing:
That central cable was tough - I never got it memorized and had to follow the chart the whole sweater.  One nice thing though, since I had the book online, I just grabbed a screenshot of the cable and stuffed it into Evernote on my phone.  Here's the front...I might have gone a little too big on the cable collar?
I also did a couple linen stitch cowls for Christmas presents - those are a fun way to play with color and use up odds and end of sock yarn.  I probably have decades worth of yarn for such projects.  

And, I love Thea Coleman's work - it always fits beautifully and I always learn new things doing her patterns, so I'm trying out Plum Wine using Green Mountain Spinnery Mewesic in Atlantis.  I had a birthday gift certificate from last year so when their January sale went up, that was where it went.  I have to admit it's extremely green and that's not a color I wear a lot of these days, but it always makes such nice fabric and I really love my Dark and Stormy which was also in Mewesic.
But I think I need to do a color project again, like, another Fassett.  My train knitting has been a pair of black socks so I'm getting a little monochromed out.  Maybe I'll make some insane socks with my odds and ends.  It's funny, I feel so attached to these bags and bags of small balls of color, but why?  I have no real plans for them, they just seem to represent unfettered future creativity .... which is how people end up on Hoarders.
I've also done a couple pairs of Owlie mitts, and some socks and mittens.  Again, fun!  Again, not taking much of a bite out of my stash.
Oooh, and I almost forgot, I got a large undyed skein of Luminance from Knitpicks and I was thinking I'd dye it and make some kind of a scarf or shawl.  I think if I do dye it, the simpler the pattern the better.

I need to update this more regularly because it's hard to keep straight what I've posted about already.  :)