Monday, December 28, 2009

Gloves and other thoughts

In for a penny, I suppose?
I'm almost done with this Cat in the Hat scarf.  It's a very easy, takes one skein, potentially funky or elegant accessory and a great first stab at beading, so I'll post the pattern once it's done.  It could a fun way to use up stuff and make pretty presents - why do I always come with bright present ideas 12/26? It was inspired by a couple coworkers - one who gave me the yarn because she loved it but didn't have a use for 2 skeins of Peppermint Heather Alpaca Cloud and thought I might, and by my  model who is tall and elegant and looks totally lovely in scarves.
And, 15 or so years ago I knit a friend these silly mittens that don't match and never thought about it again.  Last time I was visiting, she showed them to me.  Dingy, hardworn, patched, quite frankly embarassing.  How can I let someone I care for be wearing something so scanky???  So, look for a glove pattern coming in the next month or so.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snowflake wristers available!

I posted the pattern on Ravelry - I'll add the buttons here tomorrow, should you like it and not be on Ravelry.  I love Ravelry.  I always get a kick out of how I post a new pattern and 3 seconds later 4 or 5 people have favorited it.  Strangers like my ideas and have fun with them, that's so fun.

Okay, the spouse and I are on a serious Belgian beer kick this break, so it's high time I opened another one and we started watching an awful movie.  I'll probably knit, too.

Have a great night!

Why we took our tree down a little early this year

Plus, it went up earlier this year.  Nicest tree we've ever had, needles everywhere.  Ugh.  Evil kitty!
Hope everyone had as nice a Christmas as we did!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hope everyone's having nice holidays

It gets hard to keep up with lots of normal life stuff during the holidays (not eating like a pig, exercising, bathing) so my posting gets sporadic.  But my knitting doesn't - in fact, I get time to do more of it, which makes me very happy.  (And, for fun, my spouse and I have decided to try breaking into Mastering the art of French Cooking which is totally awesome and yes, we only stumbled on the idea of this because we watched Julie and Julia.  Love that Meryl Strep.  The Julia parts of the movie made me want to go to France and drink about a 8 gallons of wine.  The other parts of the movie made me want to drink even more wine, but for different reasons.)  So, here are two things I'd love to finish over the break, along with the wristers.  And I've been playing more with making jewelry. takes Paypal, so if you ever buy anything from me, you can be assured the money goes either to yarn, or to these nice people out on the West coast.
I hope everyone out there gets some time off and to see/talk to the people they love.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Man, these things sure are pink.
They're also slightly large for my tiny, stumpy hands, but you get the idea.  They're kind of fun - ugh, as I look at these, I need to find a better hand model.  Going to jot down the pattern and post it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm so not a pink kind of gal, but this Lipstick Palette and left over food color dyed Bare from Amy Rose, I dunno, I couldn't say no.
Fingerless Fair Isle Mitts.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Got a better picture

More cooperative weather - no fault of my amazing model.  Like it?  If you want to wear it to a holiday party, it's for sale.  I'm going to start selling my prototypes here, check the gadget on the right side "Purchase a prototype"

I also took a picture of my coworker's insanely cool handspun and kidsilk haze shirt she's making:

And I played with making a necklace:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's done

Sadly, it's a rainy crappy day and these pictures didn't come out as well as I'd like.

Monday, December 7, 2009


The black shows off the pattern more here, but the colors won't really show until I can wrangle some live models.
Tune in tomorrow!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I hope to take pictures tomorrow

I'm binding off the Winter Peacock.
Whiskey tango foxtrot, that last row of putting on a bead every other stitch takes a YEAR.
Hopefully I'll be able to wrangle a coworker into modeling it for me.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's been unusually cold here, which I love.  Lots of folks I've known in my life deal with seasonal depression - I have the opposite.  I love it dark and cold.  I know, I'm kind of weird.  I have a hard time down here, it's too bright and too green all year, I out of touch with the natural rhythms - not because there aren't any, but because I don't know them.  Dark and cold is good for knitting and candle light.
And as the holidays approach, I'm going to do something I really never do - here's a PSA for knitters out there.  A co-knitter has mentioned the need for knitters to make hospital knitwear.  Specifically, stoma covers - in fact one of our local hospitals is in such short supply, the patient's families routinely recycle them.  We have an informal group of folks who knit at my work, we get together every couple weeks to knit and next week we're going to see if we can't pool cotton yarn and patterns and do some holiday hospital knitting.  'Tis the season, don't you think?  They're quick, usually quite simple, a great way to try out new stitches or use up odds and ends of yarn and there are certainly folks who would really appreciate your art.  I'll bring the camera next week so maybe we can get some snaps.
And finally, Persephone's Winter Peacock is back on the move - I ran out of beads, but more have arrived.