Tuesday, February 2, 2016

And again, apologies

No, my hands didn't fall off or get caught in a thresher, it's been a busy few months.
Young one made JV soccer, we all ran a half marathon at thanksgiving and we're relocating to NE. 
Perhaps my blogging will be better as I have more use for knitwear?
Anyway, here are some shots of stuff I've done this fall/winter. 
Dark and Stormy
Jacks back cardigan
Favorite Scarf ever
A Halloween costume too awesome not to share.  

More soon!

I better wear this thing a lot

So, this my third time with this yarn. No joke, I've been nearly done with entire sweaters twice only to realize it's not working.  This last time I didn't like the pattern on the belt or the way I'd done the yarn carries. But I like using all 4 balls interleaved because it cuts out pooling. This picture doesn't do the colorway justice but the effect is sort like dragon scales.  We're driving to Savannah and back today for soccer. Ouch but maybe some good knitting time.