Monday, January 12, 2009

Those pictures

Okay, here's the linen stitch pullover. It feels nice on, but I need to wash it and see how it looks. Right now, I'm doubtful. I like the design idea, but maybe it needs a wool version. Sigh.
And here are the colors for Jack's Back and the picture from Fassett's book. Sorry it's sideways, I'm still at ends about loading things.
And finally, here's my bali quilt inspired idea. Keepsake Quilting no longer has a picture of this, but a few years back there was a design for a window pane quilt (wrong term?) with mullions all in black and the windows were assorted bali fabrics. I thought it would be great as a sweater in Koigu, but I've sort of balked at 14 per skein when I'd need so many. So last spring, the little one and I did some dying.
What do you think? Would it work?

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