Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I think hobbies are good things - you know, healthy outlet for creativity, adult play and all that. That said, many people have found my love of knitting verging on unhealthy. I certainly have a borderline obsessive personality, so I try to keep it under control. But here are some undeniable signs of obsession. Here's a picture of my closet. That's scary. I spent my lunch time today designing and drawing out a pattern for a friend at work who has too much Habu linen. Like lots of sketches and time with measuring tape. It's going to be a custom garment that should fit, and suit, her perfectly. And yes, you really can do that in an hour. And finally, I've been systematically going through the KnitPicks podcasts to listen to them all. Jesus, who does that? Anyway, I just wanted to give a mention to 3 of my favorites; 63 (tips and tricks - great even if you're not a new knitter), 56 (yarn weight sand spinning) and 58 (interview with Stephanie McPhee). Kelley P.'s voice and delivery works better in interviews, I think (I found her a bit stilted and off-putting at first) but I'm getting very fond of her.
Oh, and check out this place here Bling on your niddy noddy folks?
Yup. Beyond hope.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

No running tonight

Georgia weather - thunder out of what looks like clear blue sky and suddenly clouds boil up like a children's movie or a bad 80's video. Wind comes from all directions and the birds all shut up. Not as bad as when the sky turns green and starts to rotate, but not running for us.

Nearly there

It's been a lot of boring straight stitch, but I'm nearly to the border. Not sure if I'll bead it - seems like the beads would both sit in less comfortable places as well as not wear so well (the color can get a little dinged). I'm going to miss this "movie knitting". Maybe I'll make another one.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New book

I love GMS. Their yarn is so lovely and while I don't always love their designs, some of them are just hits right out of the park.
Like this. Love. Want for fall. In red. Excited.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My new little friend

Who seems to be living by our back porch. She didn't hop away from me tonight. I don't know if it's a she - probably not my friend either.


It's kind of funnier if you've seen the packaging for the Thor costume. :)

Some days

Things are just odd. Like when you come home and your son puts on his full body Thor suit with hammer to eat dinner in.
Anyway ....
I'm thinking about designing a cotton sweater sort of like my favorite fitness fleeces - with curved side panels to flatter the body. Also use 2 color (ivory and parchment, say) as well as right and wrong side stockinette to make the lines more defined. I will draw a picture to show you what I mean.
For now this is my cat right after I said his favorite word:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Here's a larger view

Tough to see as its black and this shot was taken in our hideous bathroom, but you probably get the idea.

I want to clone this

This is just close up of the stitch pattern. I've had this sweater for 15 years or so and love the fit, pattern, buttons, so I think it's time to recreate it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Been a while, sorry

My husband was out of town at a conference. He's really blown away by Salt Lake City. If you as big a fan of hiking and a fan of traffic as he is, you'd get the appeal. His pictures were lovely - he hiked Lake Blanche and saw a Bees game. While he was gone, I didn't do as much knitting as you might expect. Rather I washed the siding (by hand) and stripped and repainted the bathroom ceiling and got some plant issues taken care of. It was a lot of work and I would have posted all kinds of before and after shots, but I was trying to surprise the spouse. As he was not surprised anyway, next time I'll just post. :)
But I'm having all these little knitting project bugs - I really want to try major loop socks and figure 8 casting on and here is my latest "little" thing. It's got baby Amelia, fingering cotton top down Aran.