Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dying an already knit peice

So, today I ended up with some time at home. I decided to finally dye the last peacock shawl. I decided to let the sun cook the dye using a black trash bag. Yay Georgia sun!
I'll take a final shot when it's dry and modeled. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Screwing up sleeves!

So, I had a late night pattern reading moment and made my Rolfe sleeves too long. But they knit bottom up and I had already attached them when I noticed. Ripping down is easy, but ripping up is a mess. Even worse when the ribbing is twisted. I cord to the rescue:
Insert the smaller size needle into the stockinette stitches 
Cut off the unneeded portion a couple rows up
Pick out all the random bits, unthread the running yarn. With new ball (don't use the running yarn you just pulled out, it won't be long enough) cast on 2 new stitches and begin icord, knitting the held stitches one at a time each row
Work an extra couple rows after all held stitches are used up
Much better. 
Going to the Whitewater Center in NC then a baseball game tonight, so I'm going to start some socks. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Using up old sock yarn

So, that post about the kitchen redo?  Yeah, that was a stressful day.  While I waited, I weeded through my sock yarn collection and pulled out all stuff that didn't go with anything and I'm making some crazy socks with it for Larry. 
The pattern is Mr Pitt's Socks (aka Dad Socks). They've been fun - I'll try these with a single color next. Which I will get sick of in about 3 inches because single colors are dull.  
Also, I'm making a toddler sweater for Melissa's  daughter to go with the toy armadillo. Zinnia comfy sport - it's really awesome. I'm making Rolfe without stripes but having to play with gauge. In fact I have to rip out the back and redo it tonight. I'll take pictures when I have it redone a bit. :p
I also want to start work on <a href="">this</a>with some new Hawthorne in <a href="">Rose City</a>but I'm trying to carrot myself into finishing other things with this. 
And finally - I've been re listening to knitpicks podcasts. I'm not very sophisticated in some of my methods - what I've been doing for decades works so I'm a little lazy - but episode 92 about weaving in ends is really excellent.  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New toy

Well, not really.  We got a fertilizer spreader. And even when you're 12, the coolest part is still the box. They enjoyed putting it together - spouse had to come home for an emergency dental visit.  Who wouldn't want to assemble a spreader with a preteen after that?