Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lined mittens are done . . . and

Okay, I'll post the pattern for these tomorrow. They're really, really simple to make. I decided to have fun with this pair and do some silly embroidered flowers on them. I won't include directions for repeating my extremely crappy embroidering - you can freehand your own if you like!

Okay, and for my next project, Entrelac socks. These are something I do every so often - they're a lot of work, and yes, again, I don't like making things that have to match, but since these are so colorful, you don't have to make them match and they cans still match.

I'm having a lot of fun with this bag of Gloss bare the small one and I dyed last spring.


  1. Your socks are going to be beautiful when you have finished. I love the colors.
    Your blog is awesome.

  2. Thanks! I watch yours as well, in fact.
    The socks are really fun. I've started number 2 and they're only sort of going to match. Knitting them is like eating peanuts, if you sit down with them in front of you, you can't stop.