Friday, May 29, 2015

Sorry it's been so long!

Soccer, finishing 8th grade, work, trying to not live in a pit of a house, these things really eat up your time.  
So, I've been doing my usual this spring - reknitting patterns I like. I've redone Dark and Stormy ( in Mewsic Brick House ( for me (yeah, finished that just as the 80 degree weather hit ATL, go me), did another Age of Brass and Steam ( green beaded scarf for a colleague at work, a pair of fingerless mitts ( for another work colleague and did another Funky Grampa ( - in greens this time.  I'm attaching some pictures here, but should have better ones next week. 
I've also started doing Featherweight ( in Lindy Chain, we'll see how that turns out. Sometimes wool patterns don't work with plant fibers if they're too fitted. I had original pegged the Lindy Chain ( for a pattern called Simply Flattering, but I think I'll use some Hawthorne ( that since the pattern is so fitted and I'm not sure the linen would have enough give. 
Promising to post more regularly!