Friday, April 10, 2009

Bittersweet pattern available

Here it is, all blocked and modeled by my coworker - who is the perfect model for this sort of thing, being tall and slender and willowy. I'm going to charge $5 for this pattern, I'm in the process of getting that function turned on in Ravelry, so you'll be able to get it there too, soon. For now, I'm going to set up a widget here so I can take PayPal payments and send folks the pattern if they want it.


  1. Are those beads?! OMG that's wonderful! I'm sure you'll get some bites on ravelry... good luck!

  2. Wow - thanks a lot. It's WAY outside my usual color palette, so I've been pleasantly delighted with how much it appeals to me.
    Knitting with beads is pretty addictive I'm finding. I've been on a kick to design cool looking things with beads that are deceptively simple so more people can share the fun.
    Had my smart idea to see if people would contribute for this pattern but didn't submit my request to Casey in time for last month. Argh!
    You make some seriously cool bags . . . .