Thursday, June 30, 2011


Looking at the Ravelry boards, one sees that Chroma is a love it or hate it kind of thing. I love it, but I think appropriate use is important to maintaining the love. It's thick and thin, it felts if you look at it funny, it occasionally has big honkin' hairs in it. (All singles have that thick and thin thing I find). My only real complaint is the knots in the balls. Having to pull out lots of yarn to match up colors seems like a waste and hassle.
But the felting, that intrigues me. In the back of my mind I'm working up lined felted slippers and a felted vest.

Mmmmmm Lollipop ...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well, that's interesting

Tonight I made the mistake of leaving a can of refried beans our on the counter, which the cat ate half of.

I wonder if beans give cats gas?

On a less totally disgusting note, here's the front of the stained glass pullover, which most assuredly does not have gas:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

That's more like it

Happy fathers day!
We went to a AAA baseball game last night

And to see Super 8 today. I liked the movie, but that could just bey generational thing there.
Started on the back of Stained Glass again, much better

Gag, so not a hand model.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


5 nights a week my spouse and I go running and do 3 miles. We've adjusted to the dogs, the light, the HEAT (yes even running in 94 degree heat doesn't bother me that much any more) but in the summer, when it rains, all these flying ants come out. And we've had a bit of a drought until last night, so we're talking an ant plague of biblical proportions. Up your nose, in your mouth, in your hair, into your shirt, catching in your throat, getting in your eyes (and when stressed, ants secrete acid, isn't that just awesome in your eye???) GAGH. Disgusting.

What's not disgusting - I'm going on a finishing campaign. No new projects until I clean out that basket and I have ideas for socks and cardigans and mittens galore.

So, first down, the Green Mtn Spinnery Stained Glass pullover. Looking at it now, I think I stalled out because the color repeats were so nicely spaced on the sleeves, but when I got to the body, the repeats were cut in half and I wasn't as happy and really not sure about putting the whole thing together. So I think I'm going to take out the body and make the front and back as flat pieces so the color intervals will be more like the sleeves and then I'll be happy. It's much too nice yarn and such a great pattern and I was so happy with those sleeves, I can short change it by not having the color intervals look right.

I'll post pics later to show you what I mean. After finishing this one, I want to get Kinsale done, which I love but damn that's a lot of knitting and my god I started it in Feb of 2010. Maybe I could wear the dumb thing this fall??

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Damask is done

And blocking:

Of course the cat goes and sits on it - as my spouse pointed out "isn't that wet? That can't feel good".
And the beads. ...

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I like this pattern (Damask) because it's both pretty and speeds up as you go.

We also ran a 5k this morning and between shaving off about 7 minutes from last years time and hitting the magic age of 40, I came in first in my age group.
See what sticking with something for a year can do?
Of course now the guys want to do a triathlon ....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Does anyone else remember those books? My brother gave me some when I was 8 or so (I think) and I LOVED them.
Anyway, a friend at work has been working on a sweater for about 2 years now. It's just one of those cursed projects, we've all had them. It's a semi-tailored pattern but she's doing it in handspun and kidsilk haze, so gauge and fit and torque are all in play. She's been very brave and persistent and when it's done, she'll love it because the thing is LOVELY.
But today she brought it to my office and asked if I would help sew it together because easing in the sleeves is going to be hard.
So, I feel like Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, who took people's unruly kids and kept them at her farm for a couple weeks until they learned a couple life lessons and started to be nicer.
I think I can teach this sweater to behave.
I'll post a picture of this very pretty, rather badly behaved girl a little later.