Monday, December 21, 2009

Hope everyone's having nice holidays

It gets hard to keep up with lots of normal life stuff during the holidays (not eating like a pig, exercising, bathing) so my posting gets sporadic.  But my knitting doesn't - in fact, I get time to do more of it, which makes me very happy.  (And, for fun, my spouse and I have decided to try breaking into Mastering the art of French Cooking which is totally awesome and yes, we only stumbled on the idea of this because we watched Julie and Julia.  Love that Meryl Strep.  The Julia parts of the movie made me want to go to France and drink about a 8 gallons of wine.  The other parts of the movie made me want to drink even more wine, but for different reasons.)  So, here are two things I'd love to finish over the break, along with the wristers.  And I've been playing more with making jewelry. takes Paypal, so if you ever buy anything from me, you can be assured the money goes either to yarn, or to these nice people out on the West coast.
I hope everyone out there gets some time off and to see/talk to the people they love.

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