Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Socks n stuff

So here are a couple pictures - the shawl on the rug, that transition in bead colors, that's for real, not a trick of the light.  I'm almost down to my 4th skein and then I can do the scarf and submit the tested pattern to Knitpicks.  I'll be excited to get this out into the wider world, the pattern is very easy and rewarding (she says modestly, sheesh).  Also, further down you'll see my wedding socks I'm free wheeling for my college roommates' wedding (she doesn't want more stuff, they already own a house, and she's still wearing some ratty old socks I made in COLLEGE - that's like 15+ years ago!).  I think I'll make them slippers, too, lined ones perhaps.  September is suddenly seeming very soon.
I also got the invitation to submit a piece to the Lyme Utility Club annual  fall fundraiser (this may sound like an honor, but I'm related to one of the organizers, so I kind of already had a horse in this race) and my thought this year was to design an intarsia stole of fish -- tropical colors on black, lined with a watered silk. The design concept is either fish spaced apart on a plain ground or do an interlocking MC Escher idea.  Any opinions?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sorry to have been away

It's been busy - summer camp and stuff like that. Oh, and IPhones - the spouse and I got them. Productivity my butt they're quite the way to waste time.
Anyhow, I have gotten to skein 3 of 4 on the shawl and now I have wedding socks to make.
I'll post pictures soon - of I could do it from the phone I would ....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

1/4 done

The last picture is the least photogenic as my husband points out, but it gives you the best sense of what the patterns actually look like.  These first two are more like glam shots, I guess.
Jury is still out on whether I'll work this one straight across or join in the center - any votes?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Progress for that Knitpicks thing

Okay this might seem like decent progress given it is beaded knitting, but actually it is a very easy pattern I've devised.  And I couldn't tell if I liked it or not all weekend.  I'd work on it, hate the bead placement, rip it out, redo, work for 2 hours one night, get up the next morning convinced I was going to trash it.  Somehow it survived my basically having something like KMT (knitting-menstrual-tension) all over it until today when I could take it to work to get coworker feedback.  They made me feel better about it, that the multiple motions meant to give the idea of small waves lapping a beach were working, one even had the brilliant idea to take it outside to see if natural light brought out the sea glass-ness of the beads.  Thanks guys! So, I'll take an outdoor shot once I get a bit more done.  I also want to do it in gray with grey green beads as a scarf  . . .   Here's what we have thus far, plus my hand for scale (sorry if the light nail polish makes me look like an alien - [see number 6 in that link, I first saw this as a teenager back in the 80's]):

And, lucky me, I needed vacuum bags and what do you know, Amazon to the rescue.  So, I went for the extra that got me free shipping - it's LOVELY, totally worth the 19 bucks!

Oh yes, and finally, on the fate of the Lion Hat.  The nice people who commissioned that totally random piece of baby-ware?  Apparently they loved it - honestly.  I was totally prepared to have to do a re-do (they wanted the background in white or something) as one needs to be prepared to do when designing for folks who don't knit or do any of this stuff, but no need I guess.  Now I have leftovers.  Maybe I'll make a baby sweater . . .
Oh, got another idea - an intarsia shawl, lined with silk, with a fish pattern on a black ground . . .

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Have beads, just doesn't look like a lot yet

You can't see the beads very well, and you'll probably look at the colors and go "what were you thinking?" but just trust me right now - the matte glass is really nice, subtle, but nice, and the blue has purple in it and the purple has blue in it, I think this will work . . .

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I think I have waves

I've adapted a pattern called traveling vines to give the gentle movement of waves.  I'm not sure I'll use beads quite this way, I may use them more in patches, staggered, and vary from dark to light to give the feeling of movement, but I like the pattern.  If you open the image, you can see it larger, that will help.
The one down at the bottom is something called fishtail lace, I think that would make for a suitable border.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More swatching

I got a nice comment here about my swatch, and some really helpful feedback at the weekly knitting gang at work (there was a lot of love for the clear and light blue beads, the darker were seen to be too purple, perhaps).  I've decided that while my swatch had some things I liked about it, it was more angular than I wanted.  The pattern I came up with is nice, but it didn't look enough like waves, I wanted something more gentle, less corner-y.  So I have some more ideas to play with and I ordered some matte beads, I want to give those a try too.  Basically, right now I have a lot of variables to nail down, so there will be a lot more swatches coming..
I also want the design to have motion, I want to capture the idea of small breaking waves, but also open the design up to other colorways, like a soft green that would look like marsh grass:
For yarns I was thinking Eucalyptus maybe paired with Cattail for depth and for the beads some combination  of these:
I also want to make the design so it can be scaled down, so there's a scarf version.  So, lots of swatches coming soon.  Free shipping = slow shipping.  Sigh.
I'm sure that so many options freaks some people out.  I find it totally invigorating - not in every aspect of my life, but I sure do love to design stuff.
Thanks for the help and input, pictures soon!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swatches and muffins

In case you hadn't noticed, I love to bake.
I'm making buttermilk dried cherry muffins right now.
I'm also thinking I  like my pattern, but maybe these aren't the right beads:

The sample is very small, I know.  I'm thinking maybe I want to use matte beads, so they look like sea glass.
I need votes . . . .
What about these?
and these