Saturday, August 15, 2015

Other WIPs

I'm not sure if I'm happy with this one Moroccan Nights.  To be clear, I think the pattern is great but I've started it with some KP Gallelio and I'm not sure I love the two together.  
Then again, I got interrupted on this one so maybe it's just that that's putting me off?  Don't mind those heinous jammy pants ....

Linen featherweight

Again, it's been a while!
I've done a couple things I really like this summer - one of which Featherweight in KP Lindy Chain. I'll start with this:

This pattern in this yarn is AWESOME. The yarn is quite forgiving of machine washing and drying and the drape and fit are fantastic. If you’re tall, or have concerns about the linen growing during the day as you wear it, you could always do a crochet chain reinforce down the sleeves and at the side seams - the Yarn Harlot has a nice post about it here
I’ve had some requests for the lace pattern on Ravelry, and here’s the chart and instructions - I did 3 repeats on the body, 4 on the sleeves and for the neck I cast on for one side and did 18 repeats, then picked up the same number of stitches along the cast on edge and knit another 18 repeats going the other direction (gives you the nice detail at the nape of the neck) and mattress stitched ( this “scarf” onto the front of the cardigan.

After 4 washings and dryings the yarn and at term combo can be washed and dried without loss of shape or stitch definition. I’d recommend this yarn for this pattern.  It was a nice summer knit - not to hot have on your lap and portable. But there's more ...

Those better pictures ....

Thanks to Amy, a work/knitting friend who takes great photos and gets all the credit for discovering these stairs as a shoot location. 
I also gave the green sparkly scarf to Kendra today and she promised to let me take pictures of it on, so those will come later.