Monday, June 11, 2007

Starting out

For a while, I've wanted to start a blog so that I could share thoughts on various kinds of fiber arts.
This isn't for personal life.
I just want a space where people who knit, crochet, sew, spin, dye, weave, or just enjoy looking a colors and patterns could share ideas and pictures of their work.
I feel that I lose lots ideas because I don't have time to get to do everything I think of. So maybe this can also serve as an archive of sorts for me. I'd be really flattered if anyone saw anything here that they wanted to borrow. I'd like to invite other people to share their work, too.
So, as a start, here's something that I finished a little while back. It was a present for a friend's wedding:
It's inspired by a birch woods in the autumn - late afternoon light and colors of leaves, moss, dirt and shadows.
It's all batiks - I'm a really sloppy sewer and hate measuring things and making them neat. This came out despite me.
More later . . .

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