Sunday, October 7, 2007

We have a neck and sleeves (again)

I had gotten the entire neck finished, ends sewn in and everything, when I started on the sleeves and realized I'd messed up on the left side.
Yup. Had to cut off the neck, rip out the left shoulder sleeve, pull down the front left side, reknit it, resew, repick up, reknit and refinish the neck.
And you know what? It looks SO MUCH BETTER. Can't thank my husband enough -- after a 5 second look as I expressed my worry he said: "Yeah, they aren't the same, it's always going to be a little shorter on that side and pull - he'll notice."
It was a two stitch mistake, but he was right. So, here it is. Having to do the sleeves on 4 needles, as I don't have a small circular 4 (how did that happen, but I have a zillion size 3's of every length imaginable?).

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