Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cats, dogs, how else to divide up one's projects?

A while back I commented that some projects are like cats (self-contained) some like dogs (needy, demanding, usually very rewarding). Then the Mad Crocheter reminded me that I made a comment once that I liked to have 3 projects going at once; one really difficulty but fun (fair isle, lace, intense cables), one middle of the road (you can watch TV with this one) and one really straight forward one (basically something you won't get in trouble if you drink and knit).
If I'm doing straight stockinette stitch, I don't have to look at my hands - well, unless it's cotton or something else that splits. But I haven't done anything like that in a while.
So, who cares about this drivel, where are some pictures?
I think I'm about ready to try another spinning project. Like traveling, I find spinning intense and I need a rest before starting on it again.
Here are some candidates, from Copper Moose, whose stuff I like very much:
Ashland Bay Blended Merino in Rose Quartz
or maybe Endicott or perhaps English Garden.

Maybe I should take vote.

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