Monday, November 17, 2008

Halfway there on Frost Flowers - more predictable results of multitasking

Slow progress (though last night I really got on a role while watching the football game, I think skipping working out helped but holiday season is not the time to start skipping working out) I made it to the halfway point last night. I'm now on the second 440 yd. ball and just have to mirror back. I think I'll have the diagonal go the opposite way for interest on the other side. And no, I'm not going to match the bead placement on the other side. Threading on all these beads takes enough time without getting that OCD, thanks anyhow.
To ensure a match on the far side (just on the flower part) I counted out the right number of white and dark aqua beads and set them aside in a little baggie (inside of the big baggie all this crap lives in - such an attractive addition to any living room, plastic bags full of yarn and tubes of beads) so the two edges would be exactly the same.
So far this is my favorite of my beaded attempts. I think using multiple colors is what makes it so fun. The white/clear ones are from my friend Elsie and her daughter Stina who were in upstate NY and were kind enough to try and help me find the right beads for this project. I'd already fallen in love with the tanzanite and aqua but these white sort of pull the whole thing together. I'm including this close up, but I really need a shot outside, the flash washes these out too much. Well, if you click on it you can see it better I guess. But it looks all misshapen, 'cause it needs to be blocked.

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