Sunday, December 14, 2008

More slow progress

Indy, the cutest (farting-est, don't know if I've mentioned that - how can something so small and cute make such horrible smells? I suspect he'll grow out of it and doesn't seem to be in any kind of discomfort, but I'll ask the vet when he goes for his follow up shots), most human-centric kitten of all time continues to slow down my knitting to a crawl. I'm glad I wasn't working on a present list this year.
I have too many things on needles right now so any progress on anything is minuscule. I'm having a strong urge to start another Jack's Back - but here's my problem (aside from the fact there's no room in the knitting basket) I really want to do a red and brown version, but I have loads of blues and purples in the bins of yarn. I'm sort of teetering on the brink of starting another, very involved, knitting project but if I make myself do the right thing re: my stash, I might flame out and end up with another slumbering mess.
And spinning? I haven't had the guts to try it since Indy came to live with us. I've had a suggestion that I get a video of that.

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