Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's that time of year

So once again, I'm working on too many things at the same time and it's spring - yes, mowing the yard starts in MARCH down here in the great southeast - and little league is in full swing again. However, Rosa Rugosa (from Knitting the New Classics) is perfect. I'm using Comfy, in Fedora, and it's lovely and soft (hopefully it will wash well, the linen stitch pullover has worked out so far) and I'm not going to do the colored flower intarsia on the fronts, so it is perfect for knitting while watching games and practices. Boring to photograph, tho' sorry.
I also started the second half of Bittersweet - it's going to be worked in 2 halves and then grafted together at the end. But it isn't worth taking a picture of right now, it just looks like all the other pictures.

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