Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sorry, still boring

I'm on my second pair of socks for the wedding.  I think I'll end up making 5-6 pair.

In the meantime things are busy, which they always are in the summer, so here's so fun stuff that doesn't really have to do with knitting (which I don't have nearly enough time for).
Last night we got the grits I ordered from Anson Mills.  They're awesome - if you like grits, get some (they ship them the same day the send them and yes, you can taste that fact no kidding).  Get some even if you don't like grits, because after you eat these, you will, take it from me.  So, the little one asks what we're having for dinner and, inspired by FedEx, I told him we were having breakfast for dinner - french toast, grits and sausage.  He began running back and forth across the kitchen, jumping over the poor cat (who was very confused and frightened) shouting "Yes!  Awesome!  This is better than if the U.S. had won the World Cup!"  Then pausing "Oh, I should stop now, right mom, because if I act too obnoxious you'll change your mind?"  I was in hysterics.
I can't imagine the person so spiteful as to not make grits for someone who is so happy to eat them that they begin to dash around the house spontaneously.  I don't think I'd want to meet that person.  Anyway, his delight made him super helpful and he hung out with me while I cooked almost until Dad got home - but then the call of Mythbusters is pretty strong on 8 year old boys so I lost him eventually.
This is for dinner tonight, and while it's never gotten any pets trampled, it usually gets a solid fist-pump from him.
Wish me luck finishing 5-6 pairs of socks and designing a fish shawl for 9/25/2010.

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