Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random stuff

It always takes a little while to get reoriented from being away.
I'm working on some more socks, I'll post a picture of those later, but for now, just some episodes:

When at knitting on Monday (I only stopped by for 15 minutes) I was asked by a coworker how much longer she needed to make scarf she's doing on a deadline, I looked at it and said "it needs to be about 3 times this length."
[small strangled scream from coworker]
Another knitter present laughed and said "you really should give her good news before you say something like that, you know."
Smiling, I laid the incomplete scarf back down on a table and spread it out so I could show how the length would be altered by blocking so she'd understand my estimation and said "I'll buy you some chocolate in a minute, and you're going to need to make this about 3 times longer."
That seemed to go down better.

Second episode - I went grocery shopping today and got everyone's seasonal favorite CANDY CORN.  We all fight like wild dogs over it.  Just as we're getting ready to go read before bed, I'm getting the cat some treats and my husband is petting the cat in my arms, feeding him treats.  He then goes to the counter and picks up a piece of candy corn.  The little one gets all excited and his dad shrugs and pops  the candy corn into our son's mouth.  Only a millisecond later does the kid realize he's got a cat treat in his mouth.
In fairness, according to the little one, cat treats "don't taste like much, actually".

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