Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Been awhile again

Sorry. Went to lunch today - husbands birthday - and the place we ate had these;

Yes, gold wolves. Odd, but cool. I also thought the ceiling was cool;

Something else nice is Summer Storm - coming along nice and fast despite my being kind of a moron and having a really hard time with the pattern - binding off when I'm supposed to cast on, being thwarted by short rows (which I did finally figure out) - brings to mind a recent conversation about what kind knitter are you, do you read patterns all the way through before you start or not? Me? Not. By rights I should have finished this puppy days ago but for all the ripping out;

I think I should call this one UPS (what can brown do for you).
Oh, and I put nail guards on Indy - I was being festive but the little one thinks I'm being mean to the cat. Look at his feet;

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