Monday, November 29, 2010

Overheard while knitting today

Knitter #1: [Heaving a heavy sigh, working on redoing the fronts to a sweater she's been working on having adapted the Vogue pattern to go with homespun yarn, ouch] "There must be a patron saint of knitting, don't you think??"
Me: [With a straight face] "Yeah, St. Jude."
Knitter #2: [Wry smile]
Knitters #1 and 3: [Quizzical looks]
Me: "Jude is the patron saint of policemen and lost causes."

Slightly later, I'm finishing winding the last ball for my vest, 440 yards of sock yarn.  Knitter #2 looks over: "Wow, you're almost done with that?  You're fast - I always have problems with my balls."

I'm almost done with the neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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