Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mittens, take 2

So, I sent up the mittens and gloves for Elsie and a couple pairs of pink wristers for my mom to put in her craft shop (pink, Valentine's day, ya know).  She got the package and was apparently all excited about the mittens, until she realized they were for Elsie, because she was going to snag the mittens if they were for sale.  They fit her "just perfectly!".  Smile
So now, I'm committed to making another pair.  Which really means 2 pair, but they're very simple and I have a lot of soccer practices in my future.  And it's a good way to work on my destashing.  So, finish the brown socks and the mittens, then start something with the Chroma . . .
And I'm weak.  I started working on the Stained Glass pullover in the Chroma.  It's very small right now, so I'll take a picture in a day or two.  I had the brainwave to start on a sleeve, the better to check on my gauge conversion without investing too much effort if my math was bad.

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