Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trying to finish Kinsale

So I'm trying to go through my knitting basket and clean it out.  I've picked up Kinsale, which I love and can't wait to wear but it's black sock yarn (Risata) on 2's so I think this is the 2nd year I've had it on the needles.  Need to check Ravelry to be sure.  But dang it, I'm not starting anything new until I get these 2 self pattern black sweaters off my needles.  I'm sure I'll suddenly discover I have a metric ton of needles I'd forgotten about because they were buried in all these dang projects.

What else?  I have some Cotlin in Harbor I'm dying to make a cable pull over out of.  Some people don't like Cotlin, find it's too sheddy and hard on their hands.  Perhaps the color has something to do with that, because I love it.  I've lots of Imagination in various colors I want to make things with - I think using the colors together with a black background to make a stained glass effect would be very nice, and I have two sets of neutrals I want to try in a fair isle.  And then I'll have massive amounts of tag ends of all this sock yarn so I can make everyone I know hideous Mrs. Weasley socks for Christmas.

I've also been on a jewelry making kick - not that I've been organized  enough to take pictures of that.  My mom asked me to re-string some ivory beads she had for our nieces and of course once you buy beads for a project, you use only 1/2 to 1/3 of each strand, so then you buy a few more things to finish them off, and before you know it you have a huge stash of beads and people at work who want to buy your stuff.

And finally, 5th grade starts on Monday - yikes.  He's half way to moving out of the house.  Here he is playing with his soccer ball while we waited for practice to be called on account of thunder and lightning.

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