Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting back to finishing things

So, I finished my Sedona mittens last night - I'll take thier picture tomorrow when they're done drying. It's supposed to get cool this week - 50's and 60's cool - so I'm cleaning out the project basket and finishing another complicated black sweater. I hope I have enough yarn because it's Alpaca Silk and they don't make it any more. Which is sad. I'm waiting at the dr's office this morning - just a check up - so I'll have a little knitting time.

Here's a picture from the weekend - the little one had 3 soccer games and really played his heart out which made us really happy as parents. Here he is having a burger and throwing fry prices to the sparrows:

Kid loves malt vinegar on his fries and has a morbid fascination with the recipe on the back for "peachy chicken". Peaches, vinegar and chicken? Doesn't sound too tasty to me either.

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