Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's been a while

Sorry - things have been busy and to be frank, the knitting I've been doing isn't all that interesting.
I finished the beaded Cecily jacket - it was lovely, but too big on me. So I sent it to my mom. I also designed a tiny little Aran sweater for Mel's baby, Amelia. I hope she likes it. And I'm finishing up 2 more Korrigans in Knitpicks Comfy fingering. I have all these other things I want to get to - an entralac vest in leftover Chroma, using up some fingering silk I got for Christmas back in the mid 80s, use my new Green Mountain Spinnery yarn, make a Vitamin D in some fingering weight Stroll I dyed, finish up the 9 things on needles. Oh well. I'll get some done today in the car on the way to Columbus for a 5k. Here are some recent pics:

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