Monday, October 21, 2013

Health stuff

So, I realize that I sort of glossed over the phrase "health issues" kind of fast. I'm not into personal oversharing on this blog, but I'd like to get more specific here in case it helps anyone else. 

In September I had a laparoscopic myomectomy to remove benign uterine fibroids. Very minor procedure, went great, I was up and around in 24 hours and running again in 3 days, my doctor was great.  So why do I want to share?  

Because I think too many women my age don't take the symptoms of these things seriously enough or complain soon enough. I can't tell you how many peers I mentioned this to who said "it happens, it's just your age" "menopause sure stinks". But no, you can (and should) do better. If you experience changes in how your body behaves - major back pain, passing lots of clots, bleeding through multiple sanitary products - talk to a doctor. If you get a well intentioned brush off, get a referral and see another doctor. Fibroids are common and rarely life threatening, but some aren't benign or it could be something far more serious, like endometrial or cervical cancer. Time can mean a lot if you're dealing with cancer and even if it's just fibroids, anemia is no joke for someone facing menopause. 

So people, here's my PSA: floss, go to doctor, be an informed patient, and listen to your body. Going into your 40's/50's does mean its normal to feel like the victim in a Wes Craven film two weeks a month. 

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