Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New routine

So my family is here and life has sort of settled down. My son and I get on the bus together - he goes to high school and I keep going to Porter square. Except today when I couldn't find my key/badge holder when I got off the bus and nearly had a heart attack.  Haven't felt that awesome since all that airline commuting every weekend. :(
So, in knitting news - I got 90% done with Ommagang and didnt like it so I ripped it all out and reconfigured it. I rearranged the patterns so it's symmetrical and am working it from the top down. I like it much better this way and I'll have a picture soon.  I work on it in the bus as I ride to work (the red line is too crowded most of the time even if I can stand and knit - which I can do but you don't want to elbow people). A few days ago an elderly Asian lady got on the bus, noticed me and came over, sat next to me and started feeling my work and talking to me about it. I'm sure there are many reactions one could have to being manhandled on a bus, but I found it pretty cute. When she was satisfied,she went back to her original seat and smiled at me. 
I'm also working on a free form pattern out of my head based on a cuff pattern I saw on ravelry. I'll give all the details in my next post when I'm not walking through campus and typing.  :)
Here's a baby bunny - we have tons of rabbits all over campus

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