Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mods for Ommagang

So, since I have knit this sweater twice, I may as well commit to memory what I did the second time.  

Basically, I followed the pattern directions backwards. I started with the neck and worked down.  After one row to set the cable pattern (see below for cable arrangement) and mark seams, I followed the short row directions for the back in reverse. Once that was done I worked in pattern increasing 1 st each side of the seams in purl every other row. I like using purl increases because using a knit seam line would sort of fight with the cable pattern. Working top down allowed me to adjust the body shaping as I went which I find much harder with bottom up patterns.  Basically from there I knit out the sleeves and body per directions to desires lengths and omitted ribbings. 

Cable arrangement front and back - for final body width, to arrange them at the neck to work down you'll use the center x number of sts called for by your size and work increased sts in pattern as you go:
Reverse stockinette st - twisted knit - 16 st cable - twisted knit - 4 st cable - twisted knit - 28 st cable - twisted knit - 4 st cable - twisted knit -16 st cable - twisted knit - reverse stockinette st

Cable arrangement for sleeves (both alike):
Reverse stockinette st - twisted knit - 4 st cable - twisted knit -16 st cable - twisted knit - 4 st cable - twisted knit - reverse stockinette st

You could also chart this out and mark all the increases beforehand if you less freewheeling than I am.  

Don't get me wrong, Thea's design is lovely and I adore this combination of cables but the original version just didn't work for me.  

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