Monday, September 3, 2007

The things you can do when you get inspired

Or, the third installment about this third take on Ellen Minard's blues mohair.
I finished the back of the Fassett blue Toothed Stripe (wow - I ought to give this sweater to someone in I.T., oughtn't I? Except bluetooth seems on it's way out? Oh well.) and started on the front - I can get one set of pattern repeats done in a sitting - so on good weekend days, I can get 2 repeats done, one in the morning and one at night.
I usually find that once I put a project down, I'm done forever. I just hate going back to things. How nice to be wrong.
Here it is, basking on our back porch in daylight, which does more for the colors. It's more muddy, or glassy somehow when you see it in person. How the heck to they get sweaters to look so great in books and magazines?
So, if I stay inspired, I should have this puppy done for the holidays.

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