Monday, May 4, 2009

Eh, crap

I feel stuck.
All of the sudden, I've hit the wall. I'm tried of beads. I mean, I love them, it's fun, but suddenly I want to do something else. Something with color. Something that really sings - dark shy gray and bright colors, like the stuff I dyed eariler this spring. Maybe I need to design a fair isle.
(Maybe I shouldn't have left the caps off 3 tubes of beads that the little one then dumped on the floor and had to sort them out - he helped, though. Totally my own fault, I'm a big girl and I certainly wasn't mad, but sort of a buzz-kill. Like when your lace yarn gets super tangled and even once you get it sorted you feel like "go away you dumb thing". Good thing I'm so spiteful to my own knitting, I sound a little scary, don't I?)
I got some really nice fingering weight Imagination hand painted intending to make socks (mermaid and looking glass). But it's sort of too fine and too nice. I want to do something that will show it off more than just socks that will go on my feet. Maybe mittens instead?
Maybe I need to put that Imagination away and do some color swatching.
Oh, wait, I know what's up.
I'm going away in a couple weeks and I'm having travel knitting anxiety. I need something portable, yet interesting. I'm not sure beading into knitting will work on the go.


  1. Perhaos yiou should do some lace knitting with that Imaginations yarn- it is really beautiful stuff, eh? A soft lacy wrap or shawl- perhaps with freeform motifs attached- like shells, mermaids, starfish, ect. And add some lightweight glass beads to the main body to add sparkles- the freeform pieces can make nice portable projects. Freeform- so no need for bulky pattern books or leaflets- just a thought or!