Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy long weekend

For everyone who had a long weekend. Ours was rainy, but nice. We didn't do much.
Our new deck is done, and I finally washed our siding, so now one part of our house looks kind of nice. Of course, the downside to doing something to improve one part of the house means the rest of it looks all the cr*ppier by comparison, but life's a process, isn't it?
We also saw a brown thrasher out in our back yard hopping around attacking a pretty good size snake. Then tonight we realized what was going on, he or she was defending the nest. We have babies hanging out in our back yard. Cool! Yes, I used a zoom.
Did some knitting too - working on my latest free form fair isle and got back to the Peacock Capelet too. Peacock is now so large that doing 3 rows in 30 minutes is an accomplishment, so no pictures of that.

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