Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dang, I'm blind

This not some piece of metaphysical wisdom -- rather, the results of taking pictures of one's off-white knitting in the summer sun of Georgia. In fact, there are 2 since I unearthed something that's been tabled since late spring.
Here's the first - some outside closeups of Putnam's shawl. I'm really fond of this, but it's been sidelined of late because I've gotten distracted. However, the eponymous friend wrote this week and described to me projects she's trying to get finished for decades. So now I'm inspired to clean out my knitting basket.

Remember this white pull over I started? It's coming together now, I started the neck this morning and these sleeves should go pretty quickly. It's really fun to knit and looks great on, sadly the pattern is a leaflet from the early 90's so I can't tell anyone where to get a copy. :(

And then of course there's Indy - we have siding being replaced today so he's prowling around being unhappy. He also hates the laptop as it vies with him for my attention. He thinks. Or I think that's what he thinks; for all I know he's coming up with uses for the cold fusion reactor he's designed.
Guess I'll never know.

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