Monday, December 28, 2009

Gloves and other thoughts

In for a penny, I suppose?
I'm almost done with this Cat in the Hat scarf.  It's a very easy, takes one skein, potentially funky or elegant accessory and a great first stab at beading, so I'll post the pattern once it's done.  It could a fun way to use up stuff and make pretty presents - why do I always come with bright present ideas 12/26? It was inspired by a couple coworkers - one who gave me the yarn because she loved it but didn't have a use for 2 skeins of Peppermint Heather Alpaca Cloud and thought I might, and by my  model who is tall and elegant and looks totally lovely in scarves.
And, 15 or so years ago I knit a friend these silly mittens that don't match and never thought about it again.  Last time I was visiting, she showed them to me.  Dingy, hardworn, patched, quite frankly embarassing.  How can I let someone I care for be wearing something so scanky???  So, look for a glove pattern coming in the next month or so.

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  1. Looking forward to pictures of the scarf...and for the glove pattern!