Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's been unusually cold here, which I love.  Lots of folks I've known in my life deal with seasonal depression - I have the opposite.  I love it dark and cold.  I know, I'm kind of weird.  I have a hard time down here, it's too bright and too green all year, I out of touch with the natural rhythms - not because there aren't any, but because I don't know them.  Dark and cold is good for knitting and candle light.
And as the holidays approach, I'm going to do something I really never do - here's a PSA for knitters out there.  A co-knitter has mentioned the need for knitters to make hospital knitwear.  Specifically, stoma covers - in fact one of our local hospitals is in such short supply, the patient's families routinely recycle them.  We have an informal group of folks who knit at my work, we get together every couple weeks to knit and next week we're going to see if we can't pool cotton yarn and patterns and do some holiday hospital knitting.  'Tis the season, don't you think?  They're quick, usually quite simple, a great way to try out new stitches or use up odds and ends of yarn and there are certainly folks who would really appreciate your art.  I'll bring the camera next week so maybe we can get some snaps.
And finally, Persephone's Winter Peacock is back on the move - I ran out of beads, but more have arrived.

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