Sunday, February 28, 2010


So, I've decided I need to exercise some discipline and get some things finished before starting on a new beaded stole I have in mind and a bunch of other stuff.
Great - I'll finish Rolfe.
Front and back done, sewed the shoulder seams together, dang kid's too big for it.  Stupid vitamins, stupid growth spurt, stupid living down south with a short sweater season.
Nothing takes the snap out of ambition like something like this.  Darn.
Maybe I'll finish it anyway and give it to his cousin (he never wears sweaters anyway) just to get it out of my life and do it over next year.
I still have my roses pullover, wedding stole, Kinsale, October, Fassett stars, and Kauni cardigan on needles right now and about 5 more ideas pressing forward - a blue waves stole with beads, fun orange socks, bunny blanket/wall hanging, Suri Dream black pull over, white peacock shawl to dye out on the lawn this summer in the GA sun to set the dye . . .
Stupid job. 
Crap, gotta go, got a lot to do, don't I?????

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