Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting close to done with my boring sweater

I"ll take a picture later tonight.  I've also started a shawl, which has 4 whole rows done, not good camera fodder.

So, random thought.
It seems to me that there's a turn of phrase, more prevalent down south, where people refer to their or another's significant other as "my Mary" or "his Mary".  I found this was bothering me on some minor level and I wondered why.  I think it's as a northerner, I would never presume to own every aspect of another person, even a spouse.  My husband, my mom, my son, all have existences of their own, independent of every connection to me, so I would only call them mine by role, not mine in synecdochical whole.  I find doing so sort of weirdly presumptuous.

Okay, back to knitting,like I said, random.

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