Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back from vacation

So, I hope everyone had a nice holiday. We went to Gatlinburg

We went whitewater rafting - the little one is now large enough to do class 3 rapids. No pictures of that (duh).
We hiked the Alum Cave Trail. That's 6400+ ft and 10+ miles round trip. We have one tough 9 year old.
That night we rode the gondola up the hill so my husband and I could live our childhood dream of riding theAlpine slide.

At the top there were other things to do, such air gun shooting at Zeke's shack and even an iceskating rink:

So the next day we went to Clingman's Dome:

And after that, because we're old and our knees and feet can only deal with so much hiking we went to the best amusement park in TN.

One of my readers is laughing me right now - you know who you are, satellite-dish-gazebo-TN-native - but it was a ton of fun. And the little one's first roller coasters.
Not happy unless we're over doing it, we rounded off our day at Hill Billy Golf:

Mini golf is always fun. More so with disused farm equpiment.
Random wrap up, our hotel:

From the top floor

View out our balcony

Some kid

The pool at the hotel (big hit with the kids)

In TN you can apparently travel north and south at the same time.

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