Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I think hobbies are good things - you know, healthy outlet for creativity, adult play and all that. That said, many people have found my love of knitting verging on unhealthy. I certainly have a borderline obsessive personality, so I try to keep it under control. But here are some undeniable signs of obsession. Here's a picture of my closet. That's scary. I spent my lunch time today designing and drawing out a pattern for a friend at work who has too much Habu linen. Like lots of sketches and time with measuring tape. It's going to be a custom garment that should fit, and suit, her perfectly. And yes, you really can do that in an hour. And finally, I've been systematically going through the KnitPicks podcasts to listen to them all. Jesus, who does that? Anyway, I just wanted to give a mention to 3 of my favorites; 63 (tips and tricks - great even if you're not a new knitter), 56 (yarn weight sand spinning) and 58 (interview with Stephanie McPhee). Kelley P.'s voice and delivery works better in interviews, I think (I found her a bit stilted and off-putting at first) but I'm getting very fond of her.
Oh, and check out this place here Bling on your niddy noddy folks?
Yup. Beyond hope.

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