Saturday, January 31, 2015


I feel a bit odd turning 44 and making so many hipster sweaters with horizontal stripes, but ....

Palette on 4’s feels and looks really nice. Great pattern, the short rows for the neck shaping are awesome. I’m excited to see how this one comes out - I think most of my jogless color switches worked on the back yoke. I decided to extended the contrast color stripes down into the darker body portion to try and make the entire peice more intergrated. I think I like it so far. I’m also adding some shaping to the body.  I'm thinking that doing one with greens could be nice too.  


I think I can wiggle and block those out a bit. Right now the unevenness is being exacerbated by tension funk at the color changes. 
Interesting last sentence there.  
If you're interested in jogless stripes, check out the Techknitters blog from 2007 - 

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