Thursday, August 16, 2007


So, perhaps I have developed the mythical malady of "finish-itis" (and I think I'd be the only knitter ever known to suffer from it if I am) and I'm working on the small one's Gryffindor quilt again. It's pretty slow going, I've never done appliqué before so there's a learning curve (I'll post a picture when I get somewhere more exciting looking than the last one I put up).
But . . . .
I'm back to thinking about charting complicated intarsia patterns. I will finish charting the lion, but I think I need to find a portable light table somewhere. ???? There must be such a thing, I should look at JoAnn's or something.
But, charts from other areas (needlepoint, fillet crochet) and adapting them to intarsia, very fun.
This has been tugging at my brain:
There are others one could use too, but what about making a fingering weight pullover with a placket neck and using this for the color pattern? You could do a modified version of just the tail, make a sort of flower/vine motif up on the yoke and have the dragons march around the base?
I haven't tried Knitpicks Palette yet, but you could do a tradition 2 or 3 color, or you could go crazy and make the dragons really colorful, purples and greens . . . .

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