Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sunflower raglan

Ahhh, I have no head.

But it's a darn fine picture of the sweater.
Thanks hon!

The nice thing about this pattern, as it is knit from the neck down, you can adjust it to any size person once you get past the neck and the first few inches of raglan increase, you can slip half the stitches onto scrap yarn and try it on until you like how it fits. Or use anything for the neck, I just like the roll.
The pattern is posted (see July 3).

Shine worsted (Knitpicks) is great - holds up well to machine washing and drying (so far) and holds it's shape. It's so soft and nice to wear, I love it.
Too bad we're in the middle of a 100 degree plus heat wave. Maybe sometime in November I can wear it.

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