Monday, February 18, 2008

Meatsheep, front and back

So here it is, out on my porch. I had to go back and do some fixes to it, like the arm gussets and adding the border to the bottom, but all in all, I feel like it was an overall success.
If the bottom border looks really stupid (like a hula skirt) pipe up today and I'll 86 it.


  1. I wouldn't say so much hula skirt, but it does give off a shag-rug-fringe look. On it's own, I really like the way the colors and texture show up, but attached to the sweater, IMHO, it seems a bit much. Was it done in ribbing or a sideways garter stitch?
    I know you want to add some length, so maybe something a bit more simple... ok here's where I'm drawing a blank... maybe some more stockinette and an i-cord or rolled edge?
    Overall though, the sweater is beautiful!!

  2. this sweater is beautiful. really stunning. i do prefer it without the
    bottom, also.