Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spinning and a new Harry Potter sweater

Okay, I've spun a full skein of each of my colors of Ashland Bay multi Merino top - rosewood is on the right and sandalwood is on the left. I left them as singles, and they clearly need to have the twist set, but it's SO lovely and soft. Spinning, which I generally do only once a year because I sort of turn into an addict when I'm working on a spinning project (and yes, I'm a total addict anyhow, so if I notice I develop anti-social tendencies when I spin, you know it's bad!) is even more addictive this time around than normal.
I'm also including this picture of wheel, with a chunk of the roving on top of it - the roving looks really stripy, which I didn't like at all at first, but when it spins up, it works well. Contrast this with the rose quartz which is lovely in roving but almost too subtle when spun. If you like it, I guess you'd say it has a misty, soft quality to it. If you don't, you might call it muddy, or bland.
Finally, here's the latest pattern idea, again, inspired by Harry Potter (what will I do when the little one out grows HP?). In the Sorcerers Stone when Wood is explaining Quidditch to Harry, Harry is wearing a blue Aran sweater. It looked like the Nana sweater I did for our nephew for Christmas, but with the patterns moved around. Here's the original pattern and the start of some ribbing (Plymouth's Encore Worsted in Bright Royal ) .

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  1. I LOVE the colors of your hand spun. Spinning - that's one thing I've yet to try. And I'm not sure I should ever, as I already have enough costly and time consuming addictions.