Friday, February 15, 2008

More on finishing things

I had finished the meat sheep sweater, really, had it sewn together and everything. Then I re-checked my measurements. Oh hell, the sleeves are too narrow.
Ripped them out, picked up and knit in gussets last night and now they just need to be sewn in and the thing blocked. I may pick up the bottom and knit another inch or two down, I think it's a little short, but I'll see.
I like the colors, but I have to confess I haven't really enjoyed the knitting so much. But the challenge of working within someone else's choices, and then having materials which imposed some serious limitations on design was actually a lot of fun. I think that when forced to work inside tight restrictions, you're forced to be more creative - if you have all the freedom and materials in the world, you just fall into your comfort zone over and over (look, she's made YET ANOTHER a large soft sweater that is blue/purple/black/gray). So, overall I really liked the experience, it's inspiring me to want to do more collaborative projects as a way to push myself.
The Mad Crocheter has decided to try out knitting. I'm both proud of her being willing to try something new and step out of the comfort zone, and (I have to confess) highly amused at her feelings of pseudo guilt and betrayal. I said I thought that fiber arts was like a big, crazy family of cousins, all of whom you'll like or love, but one of whom will always be your favorite. I also think that exploring every (or just more) aspects of fiber arts will give you a greater appreciation for your favorite. I love to dye and weave (though I'm not very proficient at either) but right now they're too time consuming and messy for my life. But I have a better understanding of color theory and hand from having done both and I think it makes me a better knitter and designer.
And finally, the little one has a half day today, I want that quilt coming out the dryer for him tonight.
Better get off my b*tt, eh?
Have a wonderful weekend!

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