Sunday, March 30, 2008

More blue - socks

Sorry for the lame picture - it's sort of hard to take a decent picture of a sock in process . . .
Don't know how well the yarn will wear, but I like the feel. Nice and soft, a little springy, not splitty.
Pattern is very nice, I've simplified it a bit, mainly because I hate to knit socks . . . . Or I used to.
The Mad Crocheter is right. Magic needles rock. I've always gritted my teeth through socks, gloves and mittens because a.) I hate to have to make things that match b.) double pointed needles kind of stink (especially small gauge ones, they shred my finger tips). Hating them makes them slow work, more hate piles on, it gets ugly.
This is 1 day's worth of knitting.
I think I might like socks again.
Thanks KnitSix, thanks TMC!

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