Sunday, March 2, 2008

Replacing one blue thing with another blue thing

Okay, remember the Harry Potter sweater? I ripped it out. I liked the pattern, but it wasn't quite right and that would have been too much of a very bright blue on the little one. Plus, as the husband points out - he won't be able to wear it for months and it doesn't make sense to do anything too early, since he grows like a weed. I'll think about it and see what appeals in the fall, I think.

In the meantime, I've started one of my favorite sweaters for the 4th time. It's the Barnyard Guernsey (pg. 45 in Knitting the New Classics by Kristin Nicholas, ISBN 0806931701) in Lamb's Pride Worsted sapphire. The first time I made one in blue blood red and one in charcoal. I gave both away when we moved south. Then I made one for my mom in medieval red a couple years ago. Now I want it in this lovely indigo-blue color. This time around I'm not making a front and back, I'm doing it in the round. Which is inspiring me to work continental, rather than throwing. I think this is largely in sympathy with the beleaguered Mad Crocheter. She's been laboring to learn to knit and I've been somewhat inexpertly teaching her Continental knitting, so I guess I'm trying to brush up so I can do a better job. I learned to knit (throwing style) at 4 from my grandmother (red acrylic place mats on size 10 wooden needles that had dog tooth marks in them, lord it took me months and I made 4 of the horrible things) and then learned continental in high school. It was mainly a learning exercise; I've never been truly ambidextrous (ambitechnic?), but I'd like to be. And, even though I'm pretty fast when I throw (and for Fassett color work would never switch), you just can't argue with the speed of continental when you work in the round. Especially on a knit and purl pattern, which is what this is.

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