Thursday, March 27, 2008


I really love my husband. A lot. He's smart, funny, good looking, a great dad . . .

And the man has really lousy luck finding socks that don't fall apart on him in about 2.75 weeks.
(He also runs hot, so since we moved down south, I haven't really been able to express my affection via knitwear, which is annoying.)

So, I'm going to try some Knitpicks Risata Sock Yarn to make him some socks. I'm going to try Ash and Dusk (nice and neutral, work appropriate). I found this promising pattern on Ravelry (I've used a direct link to her blog so non-Ravelry users can see it too). I figure the cotton should make them not horribly hot, and they can be machine washed - which is a very good thing for stuff you put on your feet.

Of course, he occasionally reads this, so this won't be a surprise or anything, but hopefully I'll be able to produce a sock that doesn't stink. (This picture is reused from her Ravelry gallery by kind permission of KnitSix - her blog has recently moved to

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